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sublimation blank square compact mirror gold out of stock

Square Compact Pocket Mirror - Gold


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Square Pocket Mirror - Gold

Sublimation blank - Square compact pocket mirror with insert panel included. Our round pocket mirror has mirror on both side once opened. Fantastic quality premium item. 

  • Premium quality insert panel
  • Double sided mirror on opening
  • Individually box
  • Button release opening
  • We also supply heart and square  - sold in separate listings.

  • Material :

    Metal/Aluminium insert panel
    Quantity : 
    1 PC Pocket Mirror
    1 PC Insert Panel

    Size :
    Diameter : 

    Colour : 

    Pressing Instructions :
    • compact mirror
    • gold pocket mirror
    • ladies mirror
    • pocket mirror
    • SKU_B-11
    • sublimation compact
    • sublimation compact mirror
    • sublimation pocket mirror
    • sublimation round pocket mirror