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Photo Rock Slate Clock 25cm x 40cm - Glossy


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Photo Rock Slate Clock - Glossy

High Quality photo sublimation rock slate with a flat surface coated with a polyester white coat. Instantly ready to be printed on using the dye-sublimation process. This product can be both pressed in a swing and a clam press.

  • Glossy Finish
  • Nice presentation box
  • Mechanism included

  • Material :

    Slate with polyester coating

    Quantity : 
    1 PC Slate
    1 PC Mechanism and hands
    1 PCS Presentation box

    Dimensions :
    Estimated : 25 x 40 cm

    Photo slates can slightly vary in size. Please do not expect to have a slate exactly measuring 25 x 40.  All sizes are measured from the back.

    Pressing Instructions :
    • photo slate
    • rock slate
    • rock slate clock
    • SKU_R-24
    • sublimation blank rock slate
    • sublimation clock
    • sublimation clock slate
    • sublimation photo slate
    • sublimation rock slate
    • sublimation slate