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Mini Stapler


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Mini Stapler

Our sublimation blank metal mini stapler is ideal for use in your office, at home etc. To keep all your paper work securely together. Can be customised with any image or text with a high quality gloss finish.

  • Strong metal stapler
  • Good quality item

  • Material :


    Quantity : 
    1 PCS Metal Stapler
    1 PCS Aluminium Insert Panel

    Size : 
    63 x 30 x 35 mm

    Pressing Instructions :
    • document clip
    • metal stapler
    • mini stapler
    • paperwork clip
    • small stapler
    • stapler
    • sublimation magnet
    • sublimation metal
    • sublimation metal clip
    • sublimation metal stapler
    • sublimation stapler