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Dino Mug Cooling station - GS-208


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Galaxy mug press pro

A fantastic addition to the mug world! this mug cooler offers great air flow quality. Its constructed using laser cut stainless steel to ensure a long lasting production life.

This unit has a simple stop and start function, ideal if you are running a production line and need to package mugs quickly. 


   ★Easy to operate.
   ★Cooling mugs from 190C(374F) to 40C(104F) in 4 minutes.
   ★Desktop design, does not take great space.

Specifications : 

Model: GS-208
Heater Size: W195mm*H170mm
Power(120volt) 80W  16.1Amps(max)
Power(240volt) 80W  8.1Amps(max)
Machine Size: 42.2X29.1X15.8cm
Packing Size: 48*34.1*22cm
Packing Weight: 6.2kg
Certificate: CE,FCC
Warranty: One year on whole machine.
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