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6oz Heating Element for Galaxy Mug press out of stock

6oz Heating Element for Dino Mug press - V2 / V3


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6oz Heating element for mug press V2 and V3

A fantastic addition to the mug world! this element offers supreme quality.
very high quality blanket. with an average production reported at - 1000-3000 per heater.

Capable of pressing 6oz Mugs

This element is only to be used on our Galaxy air mug press machine Mug Pro  V2 and V3 - using this on any other equipment may damage it.

For any Galaxy air mug press machine Mug Press Pro purchased on or after November 2016 

Specification :
Min Temperature : 80 Degree Celsius 
Max Temperature : 258 Degree Celsius 
Power : 350W


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