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Subli Blanks print full colour pictures by using the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK).
In this "subtractive" process the various inks absorb the light reflected from the underlying white paper
to produce the colours that your eye sees. The colours that you see are those colours which were not
absorbed by the ink. It is called subtractive because when you subtract the other colours,
the colour that is left is the colour that you see.


In the CMYK colour system equal proportions of Yellow ink plus Cyan ink produces Green,
Yellow ink plus Magenta ink produces Red, and Cyan ink plus Magenta ink produces Blue
(actually more like purple to most eyes). Various colour shades and values are achieved
by varying the relative amounts of the four colours. Black ink is added to improve the quality
of 3-colour blacks, to provide added detail to ​images, to speed drying, and to reduce overall ink costs,
thus the name: Four colour Process.


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Mobile Cases Imagine achieving mass market reach

    • Every company wants more brand awareness, to get their message in front of as many people as possible and to create demand for their products organically. But consumers today have become so accustomed to mass advertising that they simply don’t respond. What if you could get people talking about your brand in a more natural way?

      Now you can. Custom phone and tablet covers are increasingly popular amongst consumers, and now businesses have began to realise their potential for marketing. On the train, on the bus, in the meeting, whenever you use your phone or tablet there is an opportunity for branding. Imagine the avenues it could open for your brand to connect with customers

Quantity          1-10      11-50  51-150  151-300  301-500    501-700     701+-
Price (unit) est*    £3.50    £3.00    £2.50    £2.00    £1.50    £1.00 Contact us

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Durham Mugs Look professional when it counts
    • Have you got a fan base of customers staunchly loyal to your brand? If you have, then they are your brands greatest asset. Branded mugs are a great way to reward your loyal customers and to reach new ones. Create a remarkable design that your customers love so much they can’t wait to get it on tables, and the word will soon get around. Unusual gets noticed. Can you make your brand remarkable enough to get people’s head to turn & create a demand for your merchandise? If you can, then it’s time to contact our corporate team to agree a pricing structure for bulk orders. A low-cost budget mug printed by dye sublimation; providing high print quality and bright colourful images. The average person has 6 hot drinks a day - make sure your brand is on their mug!


Quantity          1-10      11-50  51-150  151-300  301-500    501-700     701+
Price (unit) est*    £4.50    £4.00    £3.50    £3.00    £2.50    £2.00  Contact us


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