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New Sublimation blank phone holder stand

Plastic phone stand / holder - Black


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Round ring holder and stand - Black

Our ring holders are compatible with any phone - the idea in this concept is to secure your phone in-place while using it with one hand. Ensuring you will not drop your device. The crazy craze product is becoming popular in the market and it can be used with many other devices other then mobiles phones.

  • Adhesive back to apply to phones
  • Phone stand
  • Good quality product with printable panel

  • Material :


    Colour : 
    Quantity : 
    1 PC Ring holder
    1 PC Insert panel

    Dimensions :
    Dia : 3.8 cm

    Pressing Instructions :
    • phone stand
    • ring holder
    • sublimation phone ring
    • sublimation phone stand
    • sublimation ring holder