SubliFlex Sublimation phone cases

SubliFlex Sublimation phone cases

Our new product launch is just around the corner, introducing our new SubliFlex sublimation phone cases.

Our SubliFlex phone cases are a fully rubber flexible 2D phone cases with a flexible and fully printable plastic insert panel.

Not only does our SubliFlex phone case offer full edge to edge coverage - this is the first sublimation 2D phone case to allow the passing for wireless charging.

The old traditional and still one of our number one top selling product lines use an aluminium printable panel which does not allow wireless charging to pass through the back.

We will be launching our SubliFlex phone cases late February 2018. 

Phone cases on offer : 

Colour variations : Clear and Black

  - Galaxy S7
  - Galaxy S7 Edge 
  - Galaxy S8
  - Galaxy S8 Plus

  - iPhone 6s
  - iPhone 6 Plus
  - iPhone 7/8
  - iPhone 7/8 Plus
  - iPhone x ( 10 )