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10x iPhone 6 Plus Plastic / Rubber inserts


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iPhone 6s Plus  - Spare Aluminium insert panels

Our mobile phone cases are perfect for business use and for custom personalisation. They look fantastic with photographs and business logos. These are brilliant for advertising your company on the back of your work phone. Or even for selling with a customers personal photograph or graphic design.

  • Pure white aluminium panel
  • Protective film layer
  • Hi-Gloss finish ( not glitter )
    Quantity : 
    10 x Insert Panels

    Model :
    Suitable for Plastic & Rubber cases

  • Pressing Instructions :
    • iphone 6 plus spare insert
    • iPhone 6 plus sublimation blank
    • iphone 6s spare insert
    • iphone 6s sparer insert panel
    • iphone 6s sublimation blank
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