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Galaxy mug press pro starter kit 02


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A fantastic addition to the mug world! this press offers supreme quality. Its constructed using laser cut stainless steel to ensure a long lasting production life. This unit automatically starts and stops the countdown as you open and close the press using a magnetic switch.

Galaxy mug pro is capable of pressing 10 and 11oz mugs with a changeable heating element for 6 and 14 oz mugs.

Whats included :

1 x Galaxy mug press pro
1 x 6oz Heating element, plus 10/11oz already included
36 x Dino 10oz glossy mugs
2 x gold 1cm heat tape
1 x Sawgrass SG400 Printer
1 x Full sublimation ink set
1 x Pre-cut dino sublimation paper 400 sheets
36 x Smash proof mug shipping boxes


  • Pressure ball & pivot
  • 10 / 11 oz capable
  • Stop Cap for easy mug placement
  • Quality heating element
  • Extended Warranty

​Wide opening area
Digital touch sensitive controller
Pressure ball & pivot to offer even pressure and adjustment
Removable Stop Cap. Used to easily position the mug in the heater
Excellent quality heater - can produce 1,000 to 2,000 mugs per blanket
Laser cut frame work with zero welds
Green and Black colour scheme

Mug press only starts counting down once your mug inserted reaches your set temperature for perfect results every single time.

Idle temperature : 160
Running temperature : 175/180
Pressing time : 35/45 seconds


Min temperature : 80 degree Celsius
Max temperature : 258 degree Celsius
Maximum time : 999 seconds
Pressure setting : Pressure can be adjusted with the adjustable ball
Power Supply : AC voltage 230V : 350 watt : 8 amp
Net weight : 7 kg
Included: heat press, 3pin power cord, English manual,

We have extended the standard warranty from 1 year to 2 years. Heating element excluded from warranty as this is a consumable part.

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