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Dino Air Mug press 4


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Galaxy air mug press machine

A Fantastic addition from Galaxy air mug press machine and the only press on the market to offer full automation. Our Multiple Mug Heat Press Machine is a durable mug press with a solid steel laser cut frame. 

Dino Air has the ability to press 4 individual mugs at once and makes this ideal for clients who may need to press mugs at high volumes and at the same time.

It also features a series link using the connectors on the side of the machine, you are able to link multiple machines together in order to expand you're workflow.

All connected machines can be controlled using one foot pedal. Pressing the pedal when in series link will lower the mugs into the press without disrupting any other presses.

This Mug Heat Press includes the regular 11oz mug attachments.


  • Pneumatic Heat Press
  • Series link to run multiple presses together
  • Intelligent temperature control 
  • Foot switch operated 
  • Automatically rise and lower mugs

Produce 50-60 mugs per hour
500-600 mugs every 10 hours

1 x Air mug press
4 x 11oz Durham heating elements
1 x Foot switch
1 x Operations Manual

 AIR Compressor Required ( Not included )

Voltage: 220v / 110v
Power: 350w per heater
Time Range: 0 - 999 secs
Gross Weight: 31kg
Temperature Range: 0 - 200 °C
Package Size: 73 x 39.5 x 31 cm


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