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Face Mask For Kids 10.2 x 12cm


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Face Mask for Kids

Each mask has a pocket which is ideal for you to put a filter into the mask making it ideal to reduce the risk of air contamination.

We used 100% polyester to make our sublimation masks perfect for sublimation and super comfortable to wear.

This is not a medical mask, this is a face covering mask. 

  • Meets EN ISO 20471:2013 Class 2
  • Can be used in construction / roadside

  • Material :

    100% polyester

    Quantity : 
    1 PCS

    Size : 
    Kids 10.2 x 12 cm

    Pressing Instructions :
    • face covering
    • mask
    • SKU_Z-42
    • sublimation blank mask
    • sublimation face covering
    • sublimation facial mask
    • sublimation mask